June 18th, 2018 (back)

RAPTR - Initial Design

I recently completed Celeste and now have this strong desire to build a platformer. So, let's dive in.

The Story

You're a Dinosaur without feathers struggling to understand your place in the world. Your friends call your Raptr. That's nice. Meanwhile, the humans see you as a threat and a form of entertainment. Maybe it's time you escape. Maybe it's time you find a way out of this all.


  • Plan your escape and acquire prehistoric abilities through the experiment centers
  • Will you be a reckless monster and destroy all in front of you in your escape, or will you try to understand what it means to be human?
  • Find friends that can help you reach new heights

Our Protagonist

This is our buddy. It's a cute fella. I think it wants to navigate this crazy world. I am using aseprite to create my pixel-art.

Holy learning how to animate, Batman (6/25/2018)

I just couldn't let any reader think I stayed with the above model. In a later post I go and redesign that fella. He looks better :D

The Music

We're going to use MuseScore to write the music. So, let's start with something basic. I feel like most of these games want a sort of mysterious nature to them. You're about to go on an adventure, but you don't know what is in store.

Opening Sequence

The idea here is to have something short and that can repeat. Capture that unknown feeling and throw in a drum track for good measure.

The Mechanics

  1. Short Hop

    You use prehistoric precision to short hop within a few frames of input.

  2. Full Hop

    Your legs are full of potential. Release that potential and hop with the power of a dinosaur

  3. Dashing

    A staple of any platformer. Dashing provides a boost and a way for the player to get to a platform they otherwise could not jump to.

    Players can combine the mechanics of short and full hop to get a versatile dashing experience.

  4. Wall Jump

    You are a dinosaur. Of course you can jump off walls. Use the walls to your advantage.

  5. Perfect Jump

    A well known fact of the dinosaurs is that if they precisely jump from an edge they will jump even higher.

  6. Platform Generation

    Learn to adapt to human technology and use the platform generator to make the world your own.

  7. Shielding

    Use your prehistoric shielding capabilities to block attacks. Perfect shield to reflect attacks.

The World

If you are trying to escape, I am thinking the world should be a combination of indoors and outdoors similar to Jurassic park.

The Code

What better way than just writing something from nearly scratch. We're going to use some classics:

  • SDL
  • SDL_Image
  • picojson

The rest will be good ol' C++. Oh, look. He's already on the screen.